matcha LOVE® Usucha

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A light bodied matcha that impresses with its sophistication and ease. Bright and lively, a favored tea for the traditional tea ceremony 20g can

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green tea contains
one third of the amount
of caffeine found in coffee

matcha is made from
ground tea leaves

  • 1 tsp

  • 4 oz

  • 180°F

  • 30 seconds

For best results, begin with freshly drawn cold water, bring to a boil, then allow to cool to appropriate temperature.

Pre-warm the chawan (matcha bowl) and chasen (bamboo whisk) by rinsing with hot water. Discard water and dry thoroughly.

Measure two rounded chashaku (bamboo scoops), approximately 1 tsp, of pre-sifted matcha and add it to the bowl.

Gently pour 4 oz of water, approximately 180˚F, into the bowl. Whisk the contents of the bowl vigorously for approximately 30 seconds until dense foam covers the top.

Drink and enjoy!

Uji Region, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan