studio joo matcha bowl "january abstraction"

Studio Joo is a brand of thoughtfully-designed and handmade objects by Brooklyn artist, Elaine Tian.

Her ceramics combine her dual backgrounds in sculpture (form/materials) and design (function) and are inspired by the beauty of simplicity and the wabi sabi aesthetic.

The Studio Joo tea bowls, exclusively for ITO EN are made from porcelain. Each bowl was handmade on a pottery wheel, then fired to extremely high temperatures (Cone 10) in a gas reduction kiln.

Limited Edition – The glassy blue interior with smokey brown and red abstractly brushed exterior invokes memories of walking by a frozen lake on a clear January afternoon.

These items are made in the wabi sabi tradition. Crazing, irregular textures and marks are part of the handmade nature of the work, and should be embraced.

Price: $95

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